Eurodélices launches the Milky Lux Supreme Cream 35%.

Product of high quality, manufactured in France, the Milky Lux Supreme Cream is intended for food service. With 35% of fat, it will make the happiness of the Chefs  thanks to its versatility of use as well in reduction (hot dishes) as for the preparation of desserts or to rise in whipped cream.

The cream Milky Lux, at the same time smooth and pleasant to work, represents an alternative to the big brands of creams today, thanks to a good value for money . With a very colored and qualitative packaging, the cream Milky Lux shows its difference and tries to distance itself from other brands sold on the Middle East area.

Eurodélices complete so its range of dairy products under the brand Milky Lux. High-quality products with long shelf life and very good value for money.