FRUIT N’ JOY, the pleasure of fruits!

FRUIT N’ JOY is the company’s latest innovation. The brand includes a range of 4 apple and fruit sauces, packaged in pouches.

Handy & HEALTHY With their innovative package and their room / ambient storage temperature, FRUIT N’ JOY pouches can be taken / carried everywhere. For everyone’s happiness, the product is made of 90% fruits, without coloring nor preservative agents.

Fruit'N Joy - Compotes
Fruit'N Joy - Compotes x4
Fruit'N Joy - Compotes x20
Fruit'N Joy - Gourde Banane
Fruit'N Joy - Gourde Pomme Fraise
Fruit'N Joy - Gourde Pomme Poire
Fruit'N Joy - Gourde Pomme